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Expedite your cash flow

By “ Storm Back Office”

3 Big Challenges

Of Slow Cash Flow
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In some cases, we have seen contractors submitting invoices up to four weeks after job completion, which can cause significant delays and frustrations.

 Our "Storm Back Office" platform enables us to collect data and information from the field in real-time, allowing us to generate accurate and timely invoices on behalf of our partners. 

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Invoice Approval Process

Your customer does not have the same time frame and cash flow as your company. They will take all the time necessary to audit your invoice. Of course, the faster the invoice submission, the faster the approval process begins. Unfortunately, each incorrect entry on your invoice could result in months and months of delay in receiving the money you are owed.

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Higher Interest Cost

It's expensive to pay your upfront costs for your services while waiting for the customer to approve and pay your invoices. In the meanwhile, your interest costs from the money you paid upfront go up every single day. The slower the invoice approval, the much higher the interest costs to you.

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There is a Solution!

“Storm Back Office”

What “Storm Back Office” Do?

Increase Your Cash Flow Cycle

By Expediting The Following Tasks
• Collects All Necessary Data
• Audits The Data
• Processes Invoices
• Submits Invoices To Your Firm


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On Boarding

• Registering your company
• Well review and understand your contracts, the billing  rates, terms, billing instructions, billing methods, etc...

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Storm Call

• Register your storm event: The Utility name and the
corresponding bill rates.
• Upload your roster.

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• Register a start time.
• We'll start to prepare your invoice templates.

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During Storm Work

• Upload signed timesheets
• Upload your receipts
• We will keep continuous tracking of labor hours, equipment
hours, and expenses

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Release and Demobilization

• Notify us for the specific release for each crew.
• Notify us for the approved demobilization hours.
• Upload the remaining signed timesheets and receipts.

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• We will verify all the timesheets and receipts for accuracy
and required information.
• Your Invoice submission will be READY as soon as we have
all the required documents.

3 Solutions

To Fast Cash Flow
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Fast Invoicing

As soon as we have all the necessary documents, we will generate invoices in just a matter of hours. We have an easy to use portal and timesheet/receipt scanning system. When we submit your invoices, it will come with spreadsheets with the details and folders containing the receipts and signed timesheets.

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Fast Invoice Approval Process

Each utility has a different way of invoicing. The better the documentation, the faster the invoice approval process. We will study and analyze each invoicing before the storm event to prepare a near perfect invoice. We will coordinate with you on any out of scope request from the utility company.

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Improve Cash Flow

Our goal is to maximize your cash flow by minimizing your carrying costs.

And save you time by helping you to lower your administrative overhead.

Grow your business!

We’ll Handle Your Storm Back Office

Why Use Us

Why Use “Storm Back Office”?

For Your Business Growth

So You Can Focus On Your Operations!

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High Speed Performance

High speed performance as fast as 6 hours turn around from the storm release if our storm back office receives all the necessary documents. Our staff will work closely with your field staff to ensure smooth uploads of field documents.

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Human Verifications

One of our strengths is management and oversight of accounting and bookkeeping. When your documents are uploaded, we have technology to expedite the invoicing process. Our staff will also ensure the correctness in a timely manner.

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Airtight Security

"Storm Back Office" powered by PSE ensures the protection of your data with Bank-level security encrypted portals.

How It Works

​How The Storm Back Office Works


Personalized Experience

Log In At "Storm Back Office" Portal.

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On Boarding Process

Work With Our Staff To Register Following:

  • Your Company Information

  • Your Customer Information

  • Billing Rates For Each Customer

  •  Billing Methods For Each Customer

  • Your Invoice Templates

  • Bookkeeping And Billing Service                 Agreement With PSE


At The Storm Events

Use Our "Storm Back Office" Portal And Receipt Organization Systems To Upload

  • Roster

  • Timesheets

  • Receipts

  • Misc.

Usage Fee Of Is Included In Our Service Fee.

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Storm Back Office In Action

Because The Current AI Technology And OCR Technologies Are Not Perfect Yet, Our Staff Will Verify All The Uploaded Information And Receipts To Create Accurate Database For Invoicing.

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Work In Progress Reporting

Every Morning And Evening, You Will Be Able To Review Our Work In Progress Report In Our Portal.

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After The Release - Invoicing

From Our Portal Site, Download:

  • Invoice

  • Detailed Spreadsheet

  • Folder With Signed Timesheets Folder With Receipts - Fuel, Hotels, Meals, And Etc.

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Post Storm Event

From Our Portal Site, You can Download

Past History of Storm Events.

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About Us

Our Story

Led By The Belief

In 2018, during the Typhoon Yutu event, we had the privilege of participating in the power restoration efforts in Saipan, CNMI. Together with FEMA, the local government, the local utility, and the community, we were committed to minimizing power downtime and preserving the quality of life of residents. 

Over the past five years, we've invested a significant investment in leveraging our expertise, background, and knowledge to develop the "Storm Back Office." This innovative platform enables us to provide support to our fellow power line restoration partners during major weather events. While we can't be everywhere at once, we can share our resources and capabilities to help minimize the impact of storms on communities across regions.

We're proud of the progress we've made so far, but we know there's always more to do. As we continue to refine and expand our Storm Back Office services, we remain committed to working collaboratively with our partners to keep the lights on and protect the well-being of people impacted by extreme weather events.

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Challenges We Will Solve.

We have first-hand experience in power restoration and understand the challenges that our fellow industry partners are facing. We're here to help by providing solutions to the following critical issues:

  • Cash flow management to meet payroll deadlines and operational costs.

  • Fast invoicing by collecting data and information from the field in a timely and accurate manner.

With the development of our "Storm Back Office," we can offer efficient and effective support to our power line restoration partners, enabling them to focus on their core operations while we take care of the administrative and financial aspects. Our mission remains the same: to minimize power downtime and protect the quality of life of residents impacted by severe weather events.

Our Pledge
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Our Pledge


PSE is committed to maintaining a level playing field in the power restoration industry. Therefore, we have made a conscious decision not to conduct any storm restoration work in the United States mainland and Hawaii as the direct contractor to Utilities.

However, we recognize the unique challenges of working in remote and isolated locations such as Saipan, and we may consider undertaking such projects as the direct contractor in the future.

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We understand the critical importance of confidentiality in the power restoration industry. We recognize that you may be sharing sensitive information with us, such as:

  • Utility contract rates

  • Your contractor rates

  • Your resource list

Our brand new management team is composed of highly qualified professionals with expertise in finance, accounting, and bookkeeping. We take our responsibility to protect your sensitive information very seriously and have implemented robust security measures and access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your data.

Additional Services

Additional Services

Operation Assistance
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Call Multiplier Via Text Messages
roster development icon
Roster Development
local union rates icon
Local Union Rates Acquisitions
filed management assistance
Field Management
temporary yard arrangement icon
Temporary Yard Arrangement
temporary office arrangement
Temporary Office Arrangement
utility time icon
Utility Time Management System Input Assistance

And Many More.

Please Call Us And We Will Solve Your Problems.

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Contact Us
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